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This page is an index of all pages on The Linux Information Project web site. In addition to the articles that are directly about Linux and other free software topics (and which are listed in the Main Index), it also contains links to pages about computers and other topics that provide background information for the Linux and other free software articles.

About The Linux Information Project
About the Use of Dot-Slash in Commands
Absolute Beginners, Linux For
Absolute Pathname Definition
Acronym List, The Linux
Active Partition Definition
Advocacy of Linux and Other Free Software
Algorithms: A Very Brief Introduction
alias Command, The
Aliases Permanent, How to Make
Alphabets: A Brief Introduction
Ampersand Definition
ANSI Definition
Antitrust Act, The Sherman
Antitrust Definition
Application Layer Definition
Applications, Best Free Software, for Microsoft Windows
Applications, Major Linux
apropos Command, The
Arabic Numerals Definition
Archive Definition
Areal Density Definition
ARPANET Definition
Argument Definition
Artistic License Definition
Artists, Linux Software for
ASCII: A Brief Introduction
Asynchronous Communication Definition
AT Command Set Definition
Authentication Definition
Automatic Login on Linux, How to Enable
Autonomous System Definition

Backdoor Definition
Backslash Definition
Bad Blocks Definition
Bandwidth Definition
Baud Definition
Beginners, Absolute, Linux for
Bell Labs: A Brief Introduction
Best Computer Quotations
Best Documentation Quotations
Best Effort Definition
Best Free Software Applications for Microsoft Windows
Best Internet Quotations
Best Linux Quotations
Best Microsoft Quotations
Best Programming Quotations
Best Unix Quotations
Best Usability Quotations
/bin Directory, The
Binary Definition
Binary File Definition
BIND Definition
BIOS Definition
Bit Definition
Bad Blocks Definition
Block Size, How to Find the
BNC Connector Definition
Books, Online
Boot Definition
Bootable Definition
Boot Floppy, How to Make a Linux Emergency
Boot Sector Definition
Botnet Definition
Bridge Definition
Bridging Definition
Broadcast Address Definition
Broadcast Definition
Broadcast Domain Definition
Broadcast Storm Definition
Browser Definition
BSD Definition
BSD License Definition
Buffer Definition
Bug Definition
Byte Definition
The bzip2 Command

C Programming Language: A Very Brief Introduction, The
C Program on Linux, How to Create a First
C Program on Linux, How to Create a Second
Cable Modem Definition
Cable, Patch, Definition
Cable, Straight-through, Definition
Cat 5 Definition
cat Command, The
Celebrate the New Microsoft-Novell Pact, 13 Reasons to
CCITT Definition
The cd Command
CDROM Definition
Change Shells, How to
Character, Vertical Bar, Definition
Characters: A Brief Introduction
Checksum Definition
chown Command, The
CJKV: A Brief Introduction
Class C Network Definition
clear Command, The
Client Definition
Client/Server Definition
Client, X, Definition
Clone Definition
Coaxial Cable Definition
Code, Machine, Definition
Code, Source, Definition
Collision Definition
Collision Domain Definition
Command Completion and How to Use It
Command Definition
Command Line, How to Use the, A First Lesson
Command Line, How to Use the, A Second Lesson
Command Line Definition
Command Line Program Definition
Command Prompt Definition
Commands, About the Use of Dot-Slash in
Commands, FreeDOS, Summary of
Commands on Unix-like Operating Systems, Index of
Compiler Definition
Composers, Linux Software for
Composition, The Rule of
Compression, Data, Definition
Computer Advances, The 30 Greatest
Computer Definition
Computer Network Definition
Computer Operating Systems
Computer Quotations, Best
Computer Science Definition
Confusing Computer Terminology Explained
Congestion Definition
Connectionless Definition
Console Definition
Console Mode, How To Switch To And From
Content Definition
Context Switch Definition
Convergence Definition
Convert to Linux, 25 Reasons to
Copyleft Definition
Country Code Top Level Domain Definition
cp Command, The
CPU Definition
Crash Definition
Create a First Perl Script, How to
Create a First Shell Script, How to
Create C Programs on Linux, Third Lesson: Calculation and Comments, How to
Creative Destruction: A Brief Introduction
Crossover Cable Definition
Cross-platform Definition
CRT Definition
CSMA/CD Definition
Current Directory Definition
Cursor Definition
Cycle, Machine, Definition
Cylinder Definition

Daemon Definition
Data Definition
Data Compression Definition
Data Link Layer Definition
Data Structure Definition
Database Definition
De Facto Standard Definition
df Command, the
DHCP Definition
Dialog Box Definition
Dial-up Connection Definition
Dial-up Modem, How to Select a
Dial-up Performance, How to Optimize
Directories, Index of Files and
Directories, Hierarchy of, How to Create a
Directorship, Interlocking, Definition
Directory Definition
Directory Tree Definition
Disk Drive, Hard, Definition
Disk, Raw, Definition
Dismantling of The Standard Oil Trust, The
Distance Vector Definition
Distributions, Major Linux
dmesg Command, The
Documentation Definition
Documentation Quotations, Best
Domain, Country Code Top Level, Definition
Domain Name Definition
Domain, Second-level, Definition
Domain, Third-level, Definition
Donate to LINFO, How to
Dot Definition
.org Definition
Dot-Slash in Commands, About the Use of
Drag-and-drop Definition
du Command, The
Dumb Terminal Definition
Dynamic IP Address Definition

e2sfprogs Definition
echo Command, The
Economics of Free Software, Index of Articles About The
Economies of Scale Definition
Editor, Hex, Definition
Editor, Text, Definition
Education, Linux and
Educators, Linux Resources for
EGP Definition
Embedded System Definition
ENIAC Definition
/etc/fstab File, The
/etc/host.conf File, The
/etc/hosts File, The
/etc/skel Directory, The
/etc/passwd File, The
Ethernet Definition
Ethernet, Fast, Definition
10 Gigabit Ethernet Definition
Ethernet, Thickwire, Definition
EULA Definition
Executable Definition
Ext2fs Definition
Ext4 Filesystem, The
Extended Partition Definition
Extension, Filename, Definition

FAQ About Learning Linux
FAQ, Linux
FAQ, Linux Careers
FAQ, The Linux Information Project
Fast Ethernet Definition
fdformat Command, The
file Command, The
File Formats: A Brief Introduction
File Format Definition, Free
File Naming Conventions in Linux
Filename Extension Definition
Files: A Brief Introduction
Files and Directories, Index of
Filesystem Definition, Journaling
Filesystem, The Ext4
Filesystem, Root, Definition
Filesystem, The Third Extended
Filesystems: A Brief Introduction
Filter Definition
Find The Kernel Version, How to
Finland: A Very Brief Introduction
First Lesson in the Use of the Linux Command Line, A
Flash Memory Definition
Flavors of UNIX Definition
Floppy, How to Make a Linux Emergency Boot
Floppy Disk, How to Install muLinux on a Single
Flow Control Definition
Forced Upgrade Definition
Formats, File: A Brief Introduction
Fork, Project, Definition
Forward Slash Definition
4004, Intel, Definition
free Command, The
FreeDOS Commands, Summary of
FreeDOS Floppy Disk, How to Create a Bootable
Free File Format Definition
Free Software, Advocacy of Linux and Other
Free Software Applications for Microsoft Windows, Best
Free Software Definition
Free Software, Incentives to Develop
Free Software, Index of Articles About The Economics of
Free Standards Group, The: A Brief Introduction
Freeware Definition
fstab File, The /etc/
Full Duplex Definition
Fully Qualified Domain Name Definition

Gateway DefinitionMounting Definition
GCC Definition
gedit Definition
Gigabit Ethernet Definition
Gigabyte Definition
glibc Definition
GNU Definition
GNU Manifesto, The
Google, How to Search the LINFO Website With
Graphic Engine Definition
Greatest Computer Advances, The 30
grep Command, The
GUI Definition

Half Duplex Definition
Handshake Definition
Hard Disk Drive Definition
Hard Drive, Hybrid, Definition
Hardware Articles Index
head Command, The
Head, Magnetic, Definition
Header, Packet, Definition
Hex Editor Definition
Hexadecimal Definition
Hidden File Definition
Hierarchy of Directories, How to Create a
Home Directory Definition
/home Directory, The
Hop Definition
Host Definition
Host Name Definition
host.conf File, The
hostname Command, The
hosts File, The
"How-To" Articles, Index of
How to Change Shells
How to Change to Single User Mode
How to Create a Bootable FreeDOS Floppy Disk
How to Create C Programs on Linux, Third Lesson: Calculation and Comments
How to Create a First C Program on Linux
How to Create a First Shell Script
How to Create a First Perl Script
How to Create a Hierarchy of Directories
How to Create a Second C Program on Linux
How to Donate to LINFO
How to Find the Block Size
How to Find The Kernel Version
How to Install Knoppix on a Hard Drive
How to Install muLinux on a Single Floppy Disk
How to Make Aliases Permanent
How to Make a Linux Emergency Boot Floppy
How to Mount Storage Devices With muLinux
How to Optimize Dial-up Performance
How to Search the LINFO Website With Google
How to Select a Dial-up Modem
How To Switch To And From Console Mode
How to Use the Command Line, A First Lesson
How to Use the Command Line, A Second Lesson
How to Use Wildcards
HTML Definition
Hub Definition
Human Variability: A Brief Introduction
$100 Laptop Definition
Hybrid Hard Drive Definition
Hyperlink Definition
Hypertext Definition

IANA Definition
ICMP Definition
Icon Definition
Incentives to Develop Free Software
Index, Hardware Articles
Index, Main
Index of Articles About The Economics of Free Software
Index of Commands on Unix-like Operating Systems
Index of Files and Directories
Index of "How-To" Articles
Information Definition
Inode Definition
Install Knoppix on a Hard Drive, How to
Install muLinux on a Single Floppy Disk, How to
Instance Definition
int 0x80 Definition
Intel 4004 Definition
Interlocking Directorship Definition
Interface Definition
Interface, User, Definition
Interior Gateway Protocol Definition
Internationalization Definition
Internet Definition
Internet Protocol Definition
Internet Protocol Suite Definition
Internet Quotations, Best
Interrupt, Software, Definition
Intranet Definition
Introduction to Tivoization, An
IP Address Definition

Jack Definition
Journaling Filesystem Definition

KDE su Command, The
Ken Thompson: A Brief Introduction
Kernel Definition
Kernel Control Path Definition
kerneld Definition
Kernel, Linux, Online Resources
Kernel Mode Definition
Kernel Space Definition
Kernel Topics Index
Kernel Version, How to Find The
Kernel Version Numbering, Linux
kill Command, The
killall Command, The
Knoppix, How to Install on a Hard Drive

Language, Markup, Definition
Laptop, $100, Definition
Latency Definition
Leased Line Definition
Legal Topics
License, Artistic, Definition
License, BSD, Definition
License, MIT, Definition
LINFO, How to Donate to
LINFO Website, How to Search With Google
Linguistics Articles
Link State Routing Definition
Linus Torvalds: A Very Brief and Completely Unauthorized Biography
Linux, Reasons to Convert to
Linux Acronym List, The
Linux and Education
Linux and Other Free Software, Advocacy of
Linux, Applications, Major
Linux Astronomy HOWTO
Linux Careers, FAQ About
Linux Definition
Linux Distributions, Major
Linux, FAQ About
Linux, FAQ About Learning
Linux For Absolute Beginners
Linux, How to Enable Automatic Login on
Linux Information Project Legal Information, The
Linux Kernel Online Resources
Linux Kernel Version Numbering
Linux Quotations, Best
Linux Resources for Educators
Linux, Resources for New Users of
Linux Software for Composers
Linux, The Top 12 Myths About
Linux Success Stories
Linux Users Groups in the Pacific Northwest
Local Area Network Definition
localhost Definition
Local Machine Definition
The locate Command
Lock-in, Vendor, Definition
Logical Partition Definition
Login Definition
Lower Case Definition
LUG Definition

MAC Address Definition
Machine Code Definition
Machine Cycle Definition
Machine, Local, Definition
Machine, Remote, Definition
Magic Number Definition
Magnetic Head Definition
Main Index
Major Linux Applications
Major Linux Distributions
Malware Definition
The man Command
Markup Language Definition
Master Boot Record Definition
MCSE, About the
MDI Port Definition
Memory Definition
Memory, Flash, Definition
Memory, Virtual, Definition
Message Definition
Metadata Definition
Metric Definition
Microprocessor Definition
Microsegmentation Definition
Microsoft-Novell Pact, 13 Reasons to Celebrate the New
"Microsoft Tax, The," Definition
Microsoft Windows, Best Free Software Applications for
MINIX Definition
MIT License Definition
mkbootdisk Command, The
mkdir Command, The
mkfs Command, The
/mnt Directory, The
Modem, Cable, Definition
Modem, Dial-up, How to Select a
Modem, Optical, Definition
Module Definition
MOH Definition
Monopolies Impede Technological Advance, Why and How
Monopoly: A Brief Introduction
Monopoly, Natural, Definition
Monopoly Predatory Tactics: A Brief Introduction
Most Popular Operating Systems, The
Most Requested Pages, The
Motor, Spindle, Definition
Mount Point Definition
Mounting Definition
Mouse Definition
MS-DOS: A Brief Introduction
MTU Definition
muLinux: A Brief Introduction
muLinux, How to Install, on a Single Floppy Disk
muLinux, How to Mount Storage Devices With
Multicast Address Definition
Multicast Definition
Multitasking Definition
The mv Command
Myths About Linux, The Top 12

Naked Truth About "Naked PCs", The
Naming, File, Conventions in Linux
Natural Monopoly Definition
Network, Class C, Definition
Network Definition, Computer
Network Layer Definition
Network Meltdown Definition
Network Operating System Definition
Network Segment
Network Switch Definition
Network Time Protocol Definition
Network Topology Definition
Network Transparency Definition
Networking Articles
New on This Site
News Sources, Online
Next Hop Definition
NLSP Definition
Node Definition
Novell Pact, 13 Reasons to Celebrate the New Microsoft-
Number, Magic, Definition
Numerals, Arabic, Definition

OASIS Definition
Object Code Definition
Octet Definition
100Base-T Definition
Online Books
Online Man Pages
Online News Sources
Opcode Definition
Open Group Definition, The
Open Source Applications, Best, for Microsoft Windows
Open Source Definition
Operating System Definition
Operating System, Network, Definition
Operating Systems, The Most Popular
Optical Modem Definition
Option Definition
.org Definition
OSDL Definition
OSI Model Definition
Output Redirection Operator Definition

Packet Definition
Packet Header Definition
Packet Loss Definition
Packet Switching Definition
Pages, The Most Requested
PARC, Xerox, Definition
Partition Definition
Partition, Extended, Definition
Partition, Logical, Definition
Partition, Primary, Definition
Partition Table Definition
Patch Cable Definition
PATH Definition
Path Definition
PC, White Box, Definition
PCM Upstream Definition
PDP-7 Definition
Peer Review Definition
Perl Script, How to Create a First
Permissions Definition
Philosophy, The Unix, A Brief Introduction
Physical Layer Definition
PID Definition
ping Command, The
Pipes: A Brief Introduction
"Piracy, Software" Controversy, The
Pixel Definition
Plain Text Definition
Plaintext Definition
Platform Definition
Platter Definition
Polling Definition
POTS Definition
Predatory Tactics, Monopoly, A Brief Introduction
Presentation Layer Definition
Primary Partition Definition
The /proc/cpuinfo File
Process, Runnable, Definition
Process State Definition
Processes: A Brief Introduction
Program Definition
Program on Linux, How to Create a First C
Program on Linux, How to Create a Second C
Programming Articles
Programming Language, The C: A Very Brief Introduction
Programming Quotations, Best
Project Fork Definition
Prompt, Command, Definition
Proprietary Software Definition
Protocol Definition
Protocol Stack Definition
Protocol, X, Definition
ps Command, The
PSTN Definition
pstree Command, The
Public Domain Definition
Public Goods: A Brief Introduction
Public Interest Registry Definition
pwd Command, The

Quad Definition
Quotations, Best
Quotations, Best Computer
Quotations, Best Documentation
Quotations, Best Internet
Quotations, Best Linux
Quotations, Best Microsoft
Quotations, Best Programming
Quotations, Best Unix
Quotations, Best Usability

RAM Definition
Raw Disk Definition
Real Time Definition
Reasons to Convert to Linux, 25
reboot Command, The
Redirection Definition
Redirection Operator Definition, Output
Redundancy Check Definition
Register Definition
Remote Machine Definition
Repeater Definition
Reset Button Definition
Resources for New Users of Linux
RJ-11 Definition
RJ-45 Definition
rm Command, The
rmdir Command, The
Robust Definition
Root Definition
Root Directory Definition
Root Filesystem Definition
/root Directory, The
Router Definition
Routing Definition
Routing Information Protocol Definition
Routing Loop Definition
Routing Protocol Definition
Routing, Link State, Definition
Routing Table Definition
Rule of Composition, The
Rule of Silence, The
runlevel Command, The
Runlevel Definition
Runnable Process Definition

/sbin Directory, The
Scalable Definition
Scale, Economies of, Definition
Science, Computer, Definition
Scientific Computing with Free software on GNU/Linux HOWTO
Script, Perl, How to Create a First
Search the LINFO Website With Google, How to
Second-level Domain Definition
Sector Definition
Sector, Boot, Definition
Select a Dial-up Modem, How to
Serial Port Definition
Server Definition
Server, X, Definition
Session Layer Definition
Shannon-Hartley Theorem Definition
Shell Definition
Shell Script, How to Create a First
Shells, How to Change
The shred Command
Sherman Antitrust Act, The
Silence, The Rule of
Single User Mode Definition
Single User Mode, How to Change to
skel, /etc/, Directory, The
Slash, Forward, Definition
SMTP Definition
SNMP Definition
Software Definition
Software for Composers, Linux
Software Interrupt Definition
"Software Piracy" Controversy, The
Software, Proprietary, Definition
Software, Linux, for Artists
Source Code Definition
spell Command, The
Spindle Motor Definition
Standard Error Definition
Standard Input Definition
Standard Oil Trust, The Dismantling of The
Standard Output Definition
Standards Definition
State, Process, Definition
Stateless Definition
Storage Definition
Straight-through Cable Definition
Streaming Definition
String Definition
strings Command, The
su Command, The
Subnet Definition
Success Stories, Linux
Summary of FreeDOS Commands
Superblock Definition
Swap Space Definition
Switch, Network, Definition
System Call Definition
System Call Number Definition
System V Definition

T-1 Definition
T-3 Line Definition
Table, Partition, Definition
tail Command, The
The tar Command
Tarball Definition
Tarbomb Definition
"Tax, The Microsoft," Definition
TCP Definition
TCP/IP Definition
Technological Advance, Why and How Monopolies Impede
Teletype Definition
10Base-T Definition
10 Gigabit Ethernet Definition
Terabyte Definition
Terminal Window Definition
Text Editor Definition
The Linux Information Project, About
The Linux Information
The Linux Information Project Legal Information
"The Microsoft Tax" Definition
The Naked Truth About "Naked PCs"
The Open Group Definition
The Third Extended Filesystem
The Truth About Tivoization
The X Window System: A Brief Introduction
Thin Client Definition
Third Extended Filesystem, The
Third-level Domain Definition
13 Reasons to Celebrate the New Microsoft-Novell Pact
30 Greatest Computer Advances, The
Thompson, Ken: A Brief Introduction
Throughput Definition
Tilde Definition
Thickwire Ethernet Definition
Timestamp Definition
Time-to-live Definition
Tivoization, An Introduction to
Tooltip Definition
Top 12 Myths About Linux, The
Top Level Domain Definition
Topology, Network, Definition
Torvalds, Linus: A Very Brief and Completely Unauthorized Biography
Total Cost of Ownership: A Brief Introduction
touch Command, The
tr Command, The
Track Definition
Transclusion Definition
Transport Layer Definition
Tree, Directory, Definition
Trojan Definition
25 Reasons to Convert to Linux
Twinaxial Cable Definition
Twisted Pair Definition

UDP Definition
unalias Command, The
uname Command, The
Unicast Definition
UNIX Definition
UNIX, Flavors of, Definition
Unix-like Definition
Unix Philosophy, The, A Brief Introduction
Unix Quotations, Best
Uplink Port Definition
uptime Command, The
Usability Definition
Usability Quotations, Best
USB Definition
User ID Definition
User Interface Definition
User Mode Definition
User Space Definition
Users Groups, Linux, in the Pacific Northwest
/usr/bin Directory, The
/usr/sbin Directory, The
UUCP Definition

V.44 Definition
V.92 Definition
Vaporware Definition
/var Directory, The
Vendor Lock-in Definition
Vertical Bar Character Definition
vi Tutorial: (1) Introduction, (2) History, (3) Features, (4) Opening and Closing Files, (5) Entering Text, (6) Editing Text, (7) Searching and Replacing, (8) Working With Multiple Files, (9) Additional Operations, (10) Summary of Commands, (11) Clones, (12) Additional Resources
Virtual Memory Definition
vmlinuz Definition

w Command, The
watch Command, The
wc Command, The
Web, World Wide, Definition
whatis Command, The
whereis Command, The
White Box PC Definition
whoami Command, The
Why and How Monopolies Impede Technological Advance
Wide Area Network Definition
Widget Definition
Wildcards, How to Use
Window Definition
Windowing System Definition
Windows, Microsoft, Best Free Software Applications for
World Wide Web Definition
Worm Definition
WXGA Definition

X11 Definition
X Client Definition
X Consortium Definition
Xerox PARC Definition
XFree86 Definition
X.Org Definition
X Protocol Definition
X Server Definition
X Stack Definition
X Terminal Definition
X Window System, The: A Brief Introduction

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