Resources for New Users of Linux

Below are links to selected pages on this website that are intended to be of particular interest and usefulness to new users of Linux.


Linux For Absolute Beginners: a good starting point for those who know little or nothing about Linux.

Linux Definition: a very brief introduction to the world's most rapidly growing computer operating system.

Reasons to Convert to Linux: some of the many advantages of using Linux.

Linus Torvalds: A Very Brief and Completely Unauthorized Biography: about the very modest programmer who started it all.

Linux and Education: why Linux is the most suitable computer operating system for use in the classroom.

Best Linux Quotations: famous comments about Linux by both its advocates and its detractors.

The cat Command: extensive information about one of the most useful of the Linux commands.

vi Tutorial: a gentle introduction to one of the most basic Linux tools, the vi text editor.


FAQ About Learning Linux: answers some frequently asked questions about studying Linux.

Linux FAQ: answers some general questions about Linux.

Linux Careers FAQ: answers some commonly asked questions about Linux-related careers.

Links to Application Programs

Major Linux Applications: some of the most popular of the numerous (and completely free) application programs for Linux.

Linux Software for Artists: the best of the free Linux applications for designers and graphic artists.

Best Open Source Applications for Microsoft Windows: free versions of Linux programs for Microsoft Windows.

Links to Other Online Resources

Online Books: the best of the many books about Linux and related topics that can be viewed online or downloaded for free.

Online News Sources: the most useful of the many online sources of Linux news.

Linux Resources for Educators: some of the best websites about the use of Linux and other open source software in educational institutions.

Major Linux Distributions: some of the most popular versions of Linux.

The Most Popular Operating Systems: the most popular computer operating systems.

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