Index of Files and Directories

  the root directory, contains all other directories and files

/bin/   contains programs needed for booting

/etc/fstab   contains information about major filesystems on the system

/etc/host.conf   specifies how host names are resolved

/etc/hosts/   associates IP addresses with host names

/etc/passwd   contains the attributes of (i.e., basic information about) each user or account

/etc/skel/   contains files and directories that are automatically copied to new users' home directories

/home/   contains users' home directories

/mnt/   used as the temporary mount points for storage devices

/proc/cpuinfo   contains information about the CPU(s)

/root/   the home directory of the root account

/sbin/   contains mostly administrative tools

/usr/bin/   contains programs not needed for booting

/usr/sbin/   contains non-vital system utilities

/var/   contains files to which the system writes data

The above-listed files and directories are those that are described in detail by The Linux Information Project. They represent only a small fraction of the total number of standard files and directories typically included in Linux and other Unix-like operating systems.

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