The Most Requested Pages

Listed below are the 25 most frequently requested* pages on the Bellevue Linux Users Group website:

  1. How to Install Knoppix on a Hard Drive
  2. Process Definition
  3. Online Books
  4. The Dismantling of The Standard Oil Trust
  5. Pipes: A Brief Introduction
  6. Filesystems: A Brief Introduction
  7. Kernel Definition
  8. MS-DOS: A Brief Introduction
  9. Context Switch Definition
  10. Shell Definition
  11. Linux Software for Artists
  12. Window Definition
  13. Linux Definition
  14. Linus Torvalds: A Very Brief and Completely Unauthorized Biography
  15. Linux for Absolute Beginners
  16. Major Linux Distributions
  17. Linux and Education
  18. Alphabets: A Brief Introduction
  19. The du Command
  20. The wc Command
  21. ASCII: A Brief Introduction
  22. Console Definition
  23. The alias Command
  24. Multitasking Definition
  25. The Sherman Antitrust Act

* Notes: (1) The pages are listed in order of the frequency of visits, beginning with the most heavily visited. (2) The home page is omitted, as it is obviously, and consistently, the most viewed page. (3) This list is based on data for November 2004.

Created December 13, 2004.
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