Linux Kernel Online Resources

This is a list of selected online information about operating system kernels, and the Linux kernel in particular, including books, links, FAQ and other documentation.

Index of Documentation for People Interested in Writing and/or Understanding the Linux Kernel - a list of kernel-related links, compiled by Juan-Mariano de Goyeneche.

Kernel Definition - a brief introduction to operating system kernels by Bellevue Linux Users Group.

kernelnewbies - a community project designed to help people learn how operating system kernels work. Emphasis is on the Linux kernel.

Linux Device Drivers, 2nd Edition - by Alessandro Rubini and Jonathan Corbet, June 2001, O'Reilly. This book is about writing device drivers as well as the Linux kernel. Available for viewing online as well as in downloadable PDF and DocBook formats.

The Linux Kernel - by David A Rusling, 1998. This well written and useful (although somewhat dated) book is available for viewing online on The Linux Documentation Project website.

The Linux kernel - by Andries Brouwer, 2003. This book is available for viewing online.

The Linux Kernel Archives - the main kernel distribution site.

Linux Kernel 2.4 Internals - a 2002 online and downloadable book in the Linux Documentation Project that provides an introduction to the Linux 2.4 kernel. Covers the boot process, process and interrupt management, the virtual file system, the page cache and IPC mechanisms.

The Linux Kernel Mailing List FAQ - extensive information about the kernel, and interesting reading even for some of us who are not kernel hackers.

The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide - a 2001 online book by Peter Jay Salzman and Ori Pomerantz. Begins gently with an explanation of kernel modules and the traditional "Hello World" example, but most of it is only of interest to (or understandable by) true kernel hackers.

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