Computer Operating Systems

Below is a list of some of the most popular of the many computer operating systems in use today.

Darwin - the new version of BSD that serves as the core for the Macintosh's OSX. There is also a GNU version of Darwin, GNU-Darwin, which is hosted by SourceForge.

FreeBSD - the most popular of the BSD open source Unix distributions.

FreeDOS - aims to be a complete, free, fully MS-DOS compatible operating system.

Linux - a high performance, yet completely free, Unix-like computer operating system suitable for use on a wide range of platforms and compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit processors.

NetBSD - features the ability to run on more than 50 platforms, ranging from acorn26 to x68k.

OpenBSD - has a goal of becoming the most secure computer operating system.

Microsoft Windows - this ubiquitous family of proprietary operating systems probably needs no introduction.

QNX - a widely used commercial POSIX-compliant, Unix-like real-time operating system for mission- and life-critical applications. QNX also features a unique and very attractive GUI.

Solaris - developed by Sun Microsystems for the SPARC platform and the most widely used proprietary flavor of Unix for web servers.

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