Thank You

The Linux Information Project (LINFO) wants to express its heartfelt thanks to the individuals and organizations who have made useful suggestions, corrections, donations and other contributions to this project. Such contributions are instrumental in improving the quality of the project and making it even more useful to growing numbers of individuals and organizations around the world.

Paul E. Collins   for pointing out errors in the Linus Torvalds biography. January 2006.

Orjan Smith and Dave H.   for correcting an error about web browsers in the 25 Reasons to Convert to Linux article. January 2006.

Jan Bielawski   for providing the lack of need for disk defragmentation as an additional reason for the 25 Reasons to Convert to Linux article. January 2006.

John Aoyama   for his generous donation. 2005.

Mathew Watson   (current BELUG member) for asking a question which led to the development of the page How to Search the LINFO Website With Google. 2005.

David Brownlee   (current BELUG member) for pointing out an error about copyrights in an article.

Terry Lovall (   (current BELUG member) for his multiple creative and useful suggestions. 2005.

Piyush Kumar   (current BELUG member) for suggesting an outside link on the Computer Science Definition page, which, in turn, led to the idea to make regular use of footnotes for supplemental information and outside links. 2004.

Johnny Brown   (former BELUG member) for suggesting adding a detailed date of completion of each article in addition to the copyright date.

Gary Arel   (former BELUG member) for suggesting that articles be written about how to use specific Linux programs. 2004.

Marty and Linda Evons (   (both current BELUG members) for their numerous suggestions, comments and support. 2004 to present.

ConnectExpress, Inc. (   for providing server space and bandwidth. 2004 to present.

Barnes & Noble Downtown Bellevue (   for providing meeting space and publicity. 2004 to present.

Please send suggestions, corrections and comments regarding The Linux Information Project to bellevuelinux at To make a donation, please visit How to Support The Linux Information Project.

Created January 20, 2006.
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