Instructions and Tutorials

The alias Command: one of the most complete articles about a popular command for customizing the shell.

The cat Command: commonly used for displaying, concatenating (i.e., combining) and creating files.

The du Command: about the best tool for showing the sizes of directories and files and for tracking down space hogs.

How to Create a First C Program on Linux: writing, compiling and running the classic Hello, World! program.

How to Install Knoppix on a Hard Drive: although Knoppix is designed to run directly from its CDROM, installation can further improve its performance.

Pipes: A Brief Introduction: how to harness one of the most powerful yet elegant features of Unix and Linux.

The pstree Command: about a way of showing the processes on the system as a tree diagram.

The spell Command: all about one of the simplest, and sometimes most convenient, of the free Unix spelling checkers.

vi Tutorial: a gentle introduction to the ubiquitous vi text editor for new users.

The wc Command: a Unix filter that counts lines, words, characters and bytes.

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